David James Bruce

Multimedia Journalist

First Chart:

To create this map, showing alien apprehensions, I first uploaded an Excel Sheet with ten years of apprehension data to Tableau. I used two categories initially, Countries of origin of individuals and then I used number of apprehensions from those countries. The data included the names of 174 countries, most with minimal apprehensions. To create the map, I captured the top five countries represented in the spread sheet: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil, India. After capturing this data, I learned how to add numbers through annotation directly to the map, adjust position, and font size and text.

Three questions

I wonder why some Central American countries are not represented in the top five.

Are the apprehensions listed for Mexico border apprehensions or interior apprehensions?

I wonder why India made the top five lists. Mainly because of the distance from the United States.