David James Bruce

Multimedia Journalist

I selected eagereyes.org to discuss. This article tackles the newly released AI MidJourney. MidJourney takes written prompts to create works of art. This article is interesting because it uses more imagery than words to convey its thesis. The pictures take the reader on a journey and add phenomenal depth to what would otherwise be a rather dry article. The AI is capable of a high level of nuance not previously seen. In one prompt a friendly music robot in nouveau style is displayed. Three different renditions are provided in very different style. Another work created from a prompt is a Starship launching from Mars, 1960 style. While Mars is unchanging the AI designed the spaceships to look like TV shows or art work from the 1960s – very perceptive touch. What is exciting about this is the possibilities regular people now have at their fingertips to create art and design art that from up to this point only existed in our day dreams.